You’re a copywriter – What’s a copywriter??

Copywriting: When You Have ‘That Job’ No One Knows About

Since starting out as an Adelaide based Freelance Copywriter, one thing has become abundantly clear to me.   A lot of people new to business have no clear idea of what a copywriter is.  When it comes to copy, they ‘don’t copy’.  They’re not sure if they need a copywriter, and don’t know what the copywriter can do for them.

It’s OK.  I’ve had a few jobs where no one was reeeeeeally clear on what it was I actually did:

  • I had a whole career where this type of anonymity was desirable – I couldn’t talk about my job.  This veil of mystery gave people the illusion the job was something exciting and bad-arse.  It wasn’t.  (I may have a type of mild PTSD since the night we watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back. It was too much beauty and splendor for this little RAAF communicator.)


  • When I was a Workplace Investigator for the Fairwork Ombudsman, people thought I kicked doors in and dramatically righted the wrongs of workplace agreements and Big Business’ unfair treatment of its workers.  The pen-pushing reality of that role couldn’t possibly stack up with the romance of such revolutionary images.


  • When I worked for ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), people thought I was an analyst and often asked what that actually meant.  I worked in the call centre, and honestly couldn’t enlighten them – but I must admit those analysts were a fun bunch to hang with for after work drinks.


  • Now I’m a Copywriter and people who’ve heard the term before think I dress in vintage 60’s clothes, have hard liquor bottles and glassware at my disposal on trolleys, and spend more time ‘chasing tail’ than working…Or maybe that’s me and I watched too much Mad Men.  It’s not like that at all – I’m a freelancer, not an agency worker (boom-boom).

One of the fun parts of being a Copywriter is having a voice and a bit of a platform to explain what it is I do.  Because being a Copywriter is a challenge and a joy.  In that vein, I’m getting ready to launch an information campaign to answer some of the entry-level questions about Copywriting.  It will be a series blogs and Facebook posts I’ve boldy called…

Copywriting 101

          What's a copywriter

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a Copywriter is or does? Have you ever thought about writing your own copy? Have you lay awake at night wondering if you might need to call in a specialist in wordsmithy? Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I shine a light on that question:

 What’s a Copywriter???

And if you really can’t wait, just jump on over to my contact page. Leave a blurb and we’ll see if we can get some cracking copy onto your page.

Jennifer Zeven