Copywriting:  ‘That Job’ No One Knows About

When you’re a copywriter you soon find out. A lot of people new to business have no clear idea of what a copywriter is.  They’re not sure if they need a copywriter, and because they’re busy doing all the other things which come with being a start up. They don’t know what the copywriter can do for them, or balk at the copywriter’s fees. Very often, start ups will prioritise everything else and put copy last. Big mistake. Understandable though, and they come around in the end.


But hey. This post isn’t about start ups, it’s about me and my mysterious work history. Thinking back, just about every job I’ve had fell into the category of nobody being reeeeeeally clear on what it was I actually did.

1. Radio and Data Communications

This whole career was the type of anonymity was desirable – I couldn’t talk about my job.  This veil of mystery gave people the illusion the job was something exciting and bad-arse.  It wasn’t.  (I may have a type of mild PTSD since the night we watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back. It was too much beauty and splendor for this little RAAF communicator.)

2. Workplace Investigator

When I worked for the Fairwork Ombudsman, people thought I kicked doors in and dramatically righted the wrongs of workplace agreements and Big Business’ unfair treatment of its workers.  I had like a warrant card and everything; it stayed in my desk drawer. The pen-pushing reality of that role couldn’t possibly stack up with the romance of revolutionary images of justice being done. (Fun fact, we used to live on the same floor as the Justice Department – we laughed at them because they wouldn’t even smile or nod when we passed them in the narrow corridor on the way to the toilet. I guess justice is serious work.)

3. Call Centre Craziness

When I worked for ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), people thought I was an analyst and often asked what that actually meant.  I worked in the Call Centre, and honestly couldn’t enlighten them. I must admit those analysts were a fun bunch to hang with for after work drinks. I still miss that.

4. Blurb-ology Copywriting

Now I’m a Copywriter and people who’ve heard the term before think I dress in vintage 60’s clothes, have hard liquor bottles and glassware at my disposal on trolleys, and spend more time ‘chasing tail’ than working…Or maybe that’s me and I watched too much Mad Men.  It’s not like that at all – I’m a freelancer, not an agency worker (boom-boom).

One of the fun parts of being a Copywriter is having a voice and a bit of a platform to explain what it is I do.  Because being a Copywriter is a challenge and a joy.  In that vein, I’m getting ready to launch an information campaign to answer some of the entry-level questions about Copywriting.  It will be a series blogs and Facebook posts I’ve boldy called…

Copywriting 101 – 5 Tips For New Players

Click here to read Copywriting 101

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a Copywriter is or does? Have you ever thought about writing your own copy? Have you lay awake at night wondering if you might need to call in a specialist in wordsmithy?

Sounds like you might need to jump on over to my Click here to Make Contact. Leave a blurb and we’ll see if we can get some cracking copy onto your page.

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