The ‘Salesy’ Part

When you have a strength, nail it – I only offer you what I’m best at

Beautiful Blurb-alicious Blogs

Blogging is essential. Establish your authority in your field, show people what you offer that no one else can, give to them so they can get to know you and your brand. When people care about your story, they’re much more likely to want your business to become part of their story.

Let me ask you:

Do you hate blogging? A little bit, or with a raging passion??

Are you a gun writer, but struggle to find time to blog?

Are you crap at blogging?

Are you an Opinionated Woman?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, I’m here for you.

Because blogging when you hate it is tiring. Reading beige, badly written blogs is tiresome – people won’t do it.  And you can’t afford that.  Literally.  

What to do?  You outsource to a storyteller, that’s what.  Someone who has the skills to make your story one worth reading.  Someone with SEO smarts who writes cracking copy. Someone who writes content that’s funny, smart, entertaining, and addictive.

Someone like me

Bite-Sized Blogs: 

Individual portions of wonderous wordsmithy

Base rate: blogs up to 600 words – $279

Blogs/articles 600 – 2000 words – $369

Long blogs/articles, about 2000 words plus – contact me

I want brave blogging brilliance on my page

Blog Packages 

Blogger’s Banquet:  

A good, chunky serving of funny, brave, clever content your readers, clients, and followers will be back for. Get 5% off when you buy 5 blogs up front.

Want 5 blogs? Take 5% off –  $1326

 5 blogs all done for me – yes, please!

10 Blog-Binge:

How good is it going to feel to know I’m going to write your next 10 blogs for you? If you publish monthly, that’s almost a year of content! Bold, entertaining, intelligent words written for you with SEO smarts and copywriting principles. Such a small investment that saves you time and keeps your prospects coming back to you again and again.

Buy 10 Blogs, get one FREE  – $2511

I’m ready to binge on blurb-alicious blogs my prospects will love!

Bespoke Copy For Brave Businesswomen

If you’re ready to be brave, show yourself and take up some space on the interweb, I’ll offer a bespoke package tailored to what you need.

Because your website is your website.  Click to Make Contact today


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