“Everybody’s hustlin'”… not in the House of Shrew they’re not.

On Episode 7 of Shrews Untamed, it was Jen in the Anti-Hustle corner, and Jay defending the Hustle. To be fair, the results of our small scale polling were enough to tell Jay she was the one with the up-hill run: most of the women we talked to do NOT like The Hustle.

Have a listen in while we dissect and dismember this pervasive term in the Australian women’s vernacular. Learn where it came from, how it’s used, if it has evolved, or why we should drop it altogether.

Is it good, bad, or does it just need a rebrand?  Ding! Ding! Ding – the Shrews are about to go head to head. 

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Episode 7 Shrews Untamed Show Notes

At Shrews Untamed we believe in crediting the work of the people who’ve helped bolster our argument or broaden our discussion. We thank the following humans for their contribution from the bottom of our cold, dead shrewy hearts.

Jen says thanks to:

Annabel Crab, 2011: The Wife Drought. Ebury Press (p145, 147-8)

To prove you can find good resources in online publications which might words you feel are part of the problem…Girlboss.com: Is Hustle Culture Actually Hurting Us?

Erin Griffith via the New York Times: Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?

Jay and I both used The Period Coach – Stasha Washburn‘s take on the Hustle.

Link to FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/houseofshrew/

…and to find out the word ‘hustle’ means everything from “jostle, elbowed, nudged, coerced, moved forcibly, harassed, steamroll, dragoon – to what else – prostitute, I just googled ‘hustle’.

Jay did more research than Jen for a change – tee hee. Jay says thanks to:

Stack Exchange – English Language and Usage:Is the verb hustle used mostly positively or negatively these days?

Urban Dictionary

Some research on the iconic Anias Nin

Sady Doyle via The Guardian: Before Lena Dunham, there Anias Nin – now patron saint of social media


Edited by Betty Birner for Linguistics Society of America: Is English Changing?

National Geographic.org:Evolution of Language

That’s all for this episode – thanks for listening Shrew.

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