Meanwhile, in a world gone mad where a copywriter did good work and was left without a testimonial…

Dear Client,

I know we’re finished – well, our project is. At least for now. 

I enjoyed the thrill of the chase, those exciting moments of will-she-or-won’t-she choose me. You started your careful courtship in earnest, then more quickly than I imagined we reached first base:  you wrote me a brilliant client brief, paid 50% in a heartbeat. And you paid the remainder on the same day you received the first draft, just like my Terms and Conditions state. It made me feel warm and fuzzy. I thought we had a connection.

OK, it’s true. Maybe we both knew we were in this for a good time, not a long time. Still, we created something magical. You told me about the plans you had for us to work together again soon. But now I feel kind of weird about it, because you’ve left me…wanting.

Please, stop being such a tease. 

You know who you are. You with your emails saying stuff like “Thank you so much – love your work!”, “This is fabulous”, or even sexier – “We’ve been getting a lot more traffic through that blog now…”

Sure, I can take happy snaps of the work I created for you and use it on my profile, but I want more. 

Why didn’t you write me a testimonial, for  f*#k’s sake!

[Cue sad music changing to 90’s heavy indie angry girl music]

For cracking copy you'll want to leave a terrific testimonial: Blurb-ology Copywriting

That poor Copywriter. The sadness, the heartbreak, the ‘But-they-said-they-liked-me’.

Tsk. It could all have been avoided.

Three Reasons You Definitely SHOULD Write Your Copywriter a Testimonial

1. Your Testimonial Gives us Proof

Selling yourself isn’t easy – if you’re hiring a Copywriter, you already know this. Part of being a copywriter is telling other people how good we are at what we do. We’re loud, we’re on message, we work words for a living: but your testimonial gives us the proof other people need to commit to hitting that ‘Contact Now’ button. And if you want us to give you our words again, well – there’s no aphrodisiac like a good testimonial.

2. The SEO Double-Win: Testimonials Become Backlinks

According to Cathy from Words By Cathy, AND Backlinko’s Definitive Guide, when you leave a testimonial for a Copywriter, you’re creating a backlink to your own site. It helps your Copywriter, and it’s an SEO win for you too, so why wouldn’t you?

3. It’s Good Karma

You hired us to write the copy, and you liked it enough to use it on your site. So why the heck not? Besides, we are none of us perfect. Leaving testimonials helps you accrue good Karma, which will help make up for the shite things you’ll do later in life. We all need a healthy good Karma stash.

In summary, if you’ve happily let a Copywriter write the words which help get more traffic on your page, show them some client love and give up that testimonial.

Let’s change it up a notch.

Snap out of it Copywriters. And Turn Off That Infernal Internal Soundtrack

Yes, it’s awkward when you’ve asked for a testimonial and all you hear is the email version of crickets. But put it in perspective. Sometimes the reason clients delay is because of something which shouldn’t even surprise the Copywriter: they’re probably not great with words.

Other times, it’s because you haven’t made it quick and easy. So, wordsmith, when asking for those words of gold, give your clients some scaffolding to start with.

And lastly, the option we all hate to hear about. Maybe they didn’t like your work after all – maybe they didn’t like you. Even if this is the case, you need to know. It’s more than likely something you can fix. And if it’s just that we didn’t gel with the client, it happens. But that can come down to who our branding and copy is speaking to, and we can fix that too.

Three Tips Every Copywriter Should Use to Get That Testimonial

1. Prompt Your Client With Some Active Questions

This jewel of a tip is from the irrepressible Jay of Crisp Copy, which means you should take heed. Your client is time poor. They know why they chose you, but being asked for a testimonial can put people all in a tizzy, and they’ll go blank. Ask them things like:

Why did you hire me in the first place? ♦ What problem in your business needed fixing? ♦ How did I help resolve the problem? ♦ What in particular did you like about working with me? ♦ Would you recommend me? ♦Why, why not? 

2. Give Them a Form of Words: Yep, a Template

This is another one of Jay’s jewels. Once you’ve got those testimonial juices flowing freely in your client’s mind, give them a bit of a template to use them in. It’s not cheating, it’s just showing them how they can use the answers to the questions you’ve asked. Make it easy for better returns: as lovely as “She’s so awesome!” is on the ego, it’s not a useful testimonial.

Here, I’ll share the template I use.


3. Give Them Options

Video Killed the Radio Star – A good video testimonial is social media savvy and website wonderstuff – people love watching videos, and they’re being used more and more in web content because of it. We’re humans, we remember faces and voices. So if your client is down with giving a short video testi, allow them to fill their boots.

Google is God – but leaving a Google Business Review isn’t as straight forward as we might like. I came by this cool tool by way of the clever Kate Toon. Supple’s Google Business Review Direct Link Generator gives you options which makes getting to that Google Business Review quick and easy for your clients – and it gets rid of that looooooooong ugly URL.

Socials Are Super – If your client lives on socials and prefers to leave a review on your Facebook, Instagram, etc, then let them. It’s great for your socials, but don’t forget you can grab it to use in your web copy too.

And here’s the rule which is so obvious it doesn’t need a number:

Once You Get The Testimonials, Put Them Everywhere

That part’s just common sense. This comes back to Copywriters needing to promote themselves, and using testimonials to cement our amazing claims to reality.

If you thought my tips were helpful and my blog was funny, why not follow my adventures in blog-form? (Fair warning, there will be a bit of – gasp – feminist content from time to time.) If you want more ‘copywriter’ content and writing tips, you might enjoy reading:

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I’m a freelance copywriter and blogging’s my superpower. If you need some Blurb-ology brilliance on your page, check out my work with me page. Maybe we could create some magic of our own – just leave me a testimonial, yeah?


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