My Business/Life: Little Pearls of Wisdom

I’ve been in business for about three months now.  It’s a good thing to remind myself of at times – I’m so impatient!  If you read The Beautiful Beginning, you know I once marveled at people who start their own business.  The whole getting started part mystified me.  Now that I’ve been cogging along for a few months, I still marvel at people who start their own business and do well.  Instead of thinking I’ll never be like them, I now wonder what I can learn from them.  If you’re mystified on how to get started, here are three little pearls of wisdom just for you.

#1: Do the Work

My website was up:  check!  Facebook business page: check!  Then what happened.  Well, at first it felt like a whole lot of nothing.  That’s when I realised it was up to me to drive this train, I had to keep it moving forward.  I blogged.  My blogs show who I am and what I can do. I gave myself deadlines and stuck to them.  I published on my Facebook page, jokes and non-work content as well as sharing my blogs, like everyone recommends.  You need a dream, a vision. But you also need to keep grinding through the ‘grunt work’ of generating interest, even when the person you need to keep interested is yourself.  When I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I read other blogs on getting started.  Listened to podcasts. I reached out to other biz mums, including my high school bestie and business mentor, Mikala from Inspired Office.

#2: Collaborate

Mik suggested I join some groups for a free and easy way to learn, be supported, and start forming relationships.  I joined Mums With Hustle Biz Club and Mums Starting Small Businesses (Australia).  You know what you’ve heard about women not helping other women, because we’re like sooooo catty and competitive?  Well surprise surprise – it’s a myth.  It’s great if you can meet someone in person to collaborate with.  The good news is that groups can also help facilitate this.

At times it seems that groups beget groups beget groups.  I’m a member of several groups now, some specific to copywriting, others goal setting and planning – each have something of value to offer.  I’ve started snoozing them so I can check the group when I want to, without it taking over my feed.  Joining groups gives you a safe space to share ideas with others, ask questions, and grow.  FB is a data-mining tool; use it to your advantage and mine it to find your own pearls of wisdom, even some gold.  Social media may have many ills, but as a collaborative tool it’s fantastic.

#3: Believe

Mindset is all.  We live in the world, but we have words and worlds inside our heads.  They directly affect how we see ourselves and what happens in the world around.  If we keep telling ourselves we can’t:  then we won’t.  Everyone has heard that before.  Let me tell a little story to illustrate the point.

I’ve always done ‘real jobs’.  That’s what responsible people do, right?  I learnt quickly writing wasn’t a ‘real job’ – I’ve been telling myself that for years.  Late last year, I thought, f@#k it, and broke free of a lifetime’s habit of talking myself down.  I started making time to spend writing. I wrote creatively.  I wrote stories with beginnings, middles, and ends.

It was only small, but dedicating time to my craft helped me switch up my mindset.  I started thinking of myself as a writer.  Here’s the groovy part:  as soon as I took myself seriously as a writer, other people did too.  Believe.  When you back yourself, you give other people a reason to think they should too.

To sum up, here are three little pearls you can take with you on your own journey.  To be honest they work in business AND in life.

  1. Do the Work –  Push on, because doing nothing will not help you achieve your goals.
  2. Collaborate – Social media groups make it easy to reach out to people in business of all experience levels
  3. Believe – mindset is such a big part of succeeding in business, and in life.  Say ‘yes’ to yourself, don’t devalue your skills.  You’ll find once you start really believing you have something to offer, other people will too!

That’s it for now team.  Starting your own business isn’t always easy, but you can do it.


Need some more motivational reads in your life?  As well as blogging to share my experiences as a businesswoman, I’m a freelance copywriter who creates cracking web content, sizzling sales pages – and of course, beautifully written blurb-alicious blogs.

Jennifer Zeven

Principal Blurb-ologist, Blurb-ology