Episode 11 of Shrews Untamed delves deep into why menstrual blood is the last taboo, and why it matters for all women and girls.

In this episode Jen talks to Stasha Washburn: International speaker, Period Coach, period activist, bad-arse feminist, and author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody. Get cosy or take us for a walk with you, as we have a monster chat about what Stasha considers to be the last taboo: menstruation and our menstrual blood. It’s hard to disagree.

A study conducted by Libra showed that 3 in 4 Australian women say there is a stigma attached to having a period, and almost 70% of young Australians would rather fail a subject or class than have their peers know they are on their period. When Libra’s #bloodnormal campaign aired in 2018, it was the most complained about ad of the year. Why? Because people thought it was dirty, shameful, gross: a curse.

Listen to Episode 11, Menstrual Blood: The Last Taboo

Stasha and Jen delve down into the blood taboo in a conversation which goes deeper than most interviews can. Do you know which menstrual phase you’re in? Find out a load of practical period advice from The Period Coach. There’s a knowledge gap filled with shame around our menstrual blood. Listen in and join us in breaking that shiz down.

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I swiped this from the back of Stasha’s book, The Revolution Will Be Bloody:

“Stasha is The Period Coach – the menstrual kind, not the grammar kind. She’s a dancer, chef, sword fighter, tai chi practitioner, author, skateboarder, and an INTJ, foul-mouthed, football loving digital nomad.”

Want to know more about this feminist bad-arse? You can find more about Stasha, her Flow Freedom, Your Business Your Flow, download her free menstrual cycle tracking mandala, or grab a free sample of her book the Revolution Will Be Bloody – it’s all in one handy location: her website. Click here for more Stasha 

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