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The Lie of Perfection 

First Draft out 2020

Watch. This. Space.

It feels like it started a lifetime ago:  it was another lifetime ago.

I birthed a child AND a Mother

And I didn’t know how to look after either of them

Especially her, the Mother, this new identity I felt lost inside. ‘I’m still here, still Jennifer,’ I’d say to myself, even though all evidence of that was to the contrary.

It took years for me to cast aside all the ill-fitting narratives and warped expectations thrust on me by Motherhood.

I was shocked at how easily ideals I thought I’d never embraced had lain there, dormant poisonous seeds, just waiting for the right conditions to germinate, grow, and make me doubt everything I thought I knew.

Where did these toxic tropes come from? How did maternal perfection ideals affect me? As a Mother, a woman – and how do they continue to affect all women?

I am a Mother and a Woman. The Lie of Perfection is my manifesto

I share my own intimate, sometimes deviant experiences of Motherhood, to create an embodied identity of womanhood which women recognise and can claim as their own.

Join me as I take a hammer to perfection ideals. I’ll email you infrequently, give you insights on the book and current events you won’t see on social media, and you’ll be the first to know when the book is ready to hold in your hands.

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