It’s so important to embrace gratitude and give ourselves time to acknowledge it, to really feel it.  Today’s impromtu post is a list of little things I’m grateful for today.


 1. Rest

I woke up feeling happy and well-rested.  Miss 10 Months held on to wakefulness until 2am the previous night.  Last night she was down by 9pm and slept ALL NIGHT.  I slept all night.  I’ll say that again for added emphasis, I SLEPT ALL NIGHT.  Sometimes when your baby’s been restless it’s hard to switch off when they do seem to be in deep sleep.  I listen for them, I half expect them to wake up.  I’m grateful because I did not do this.  I shut down my laptop at a sensible time and finished the night reading a chapter of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens.  I slept soundly, woke up responding to my body’s own natural rhythms and lay in bed a while appreciating how darn happy I was feeling.  I heard the kids collecting millipedes outside, enjoying the new rain.  The baby was still fast asleep. I got up because I wanted to, not because I had to.  Ah, bliss.

2. Rain

It’s raining.  It’s always a big deal when wet stuff falls from the sky in South Australia.  At work we used to stop and watch it fall against the windows and down onto the city streets.  This morning it’s raining softly and steadily.  The rainfall varies between heavy mist, or soft, light sleet, to the always loved steady rain.  I’m going to have to take wet washing off the line and spin it out again, then hang it around the house to try to dry it, but I don’t care.  I grew up in the country and the rain and its various ways of falling, not to mention the frequency of the falls, were topics of much conversation.  Rain is good for the soul as well as the land.  I feel contented and connected to the earth when it rains.  I feel more at peace with myself in the rain.  More of my creative thoughts push themselves to the front of my mind when its raining.  I’m grateful for the rain, and hope it’s also falling where it’s needed for our farmers.

3. Recreation

It’s school holidays.  Yes, you read right, I said ‘it’s school holidays’.  I love the break in routine the holidays bring.  I love having my kids play happily around the house (MOST of the time it’s happy play, ha-ha).  Mr. 7 is tired by the end of term, he needs the break and values his time to do the things he wants to do around the house; writing his little books, playing with Lego, paper planes.  Miss 5 started school this year, and although she has coped tremendously, she was tired and looking forward to holidays too. They deserve their break.  As I type this the elder two are playing doctors to a bunch of the millipedes they’ve found which have been injured in the rain.  Don’t ask me how.  I’m grateful to smile as Mr. 7 says things like, “I don’t think surgery will be necessary on this one”, or sadly, “There’s nothing we can do for this one.”  Miss 5 is dutifully checking for arthropods who are victims of drowning.  Oh dear, now Mr. 7 wants to do an autopsy so they can “…learn more about the body.”  Um, ok….

4. Red Grapes

Finally, Miss 10 Months loves eating grapes.  Sure, it’s a little thing to be grateful for.  The Flame grapes lately have been firm and sweet, and after giving them a wash and slicing them in half for her, she’s happy to sit in her high chair eating grape after grape after grape. Sometimes I wonder how many grapes she will take before she turns into one!  Her grape-loving ways have enabled me to sit down and write this little gratitude list now while it’s fresh in my mind, and the feelings of gratitude and happiness is still wrapped around me like a warm, fluffy cardigan.

What are you grateful for?  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear it 😉. #blurbology #goodcontentgoodwriting #gratitude

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