You’d better run, you’d better take cover…

From suffrage to second-wave feminism, from Greer to Ford, from Vida Goldstein – the “darling” of the cause to Gillard’s misogyny speech, meet Ellen van Neerven and hear how First Nation’s women’s roles were overlooked from Marcia Langton, we explore why Penny Wong seems to have more of a voice outside a political party and learn Edith Cowan said, “I belong to no party in this house…I shall be responsible only to my constituents”.

There is a LOT of goodness in our notes for this episode: do check the links and have a read through.

You’ll also hear us say “what a f**king legend!” quite a bit. This is a tiny slice of feminism in Australia.

At Shrews Untamed we believe in crediting the work of the people who’ve helped bolster our argument or broaden our discussion. We thank the following humans for their contribution from the bottom of our cold, dead shrewy hearts.

And thankyou to Jay Crisp Crow whose show notes I’m borrowing as I play catch up between episodes 1 and 6.

Clare Wright: You Daughters of Freedom

Emily Maguire: This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

Fact Check: Flora and Fauna Act

Stan Grant: At Poison Waterholes Creek I Tell My Son About the Slaughter of Our People

Andrea Booth: The Frontier Wars: An Explainer

Myles Morgan: Petition Calls for Official Frontier Wars Remembrance Day

Natalie Cromb: 5 Indigenous Women Who Didn’t Get Credit

Marcia Langton: For Her, We Must

Julie Koh reading from Ellen van Neeren’s ‘Throat’

Jennifer Zeven: Motherhood Is Not Unemployment


Clementine Ford and Lindy West talk Twitter and life on and off the Internet

Tara Moss: We do not live in a predominantly feminist world

Lenore Taylor: ‘Feminism is not an extreme term,’ says Penny Wong

ABC Radio Melbourne: Four prominent Australian women on feminism, sexism and the future

That’s all for this episode – thanks for listening Shrew.

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