Outspoken harridans, school marms, bad mothers, bad fashion and conspicuously empty fruit bowls – that’s right, in this episode we’re talking about Women Leaders. We pay special attention to this question:

Why Aren’t There More Women Leaders?

We’ll discuss why there aren’t more, what barriers they face, what female leadership looks like, and why there should be more.

In episode 8 I erroneously attributed the infamous ” deliberately barren” insult slung at  former PM Julia Gillard to Joel Fitzgibbons; it was Bill Heffernan. I knew Fitzgibbon had form though, and here it is.
It was Joel Fitzgibbons who in 2011 gave a ‘cat call’ (ie. a Meow) to then Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop; comparing her to a riled up cat, an angry pussy if you like. And you know what pussy cats are euphemisms for. This was after senator David Bushby did the same thing to Penny Wong.


Shrews Untamed Show Notes

We always encourage you to read through our show notes. It’s important to us to acknowledge the sources of the information we use in our pod. A big shrewy thankyou to:

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Her art is absolutely out of this world and we love that she uses it with therapy to help women find their strength.


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