Disruption is as easy as

lock, stock and three smoking syllables.

Make sure your earphones are on for this dangerous episode. That’s right, Jay and Jen are unleashing the worst word in the world – and we’ll soon get sick of calling it “The C Word” so consider yourselves warned. Let’s dig deep into the patriarchal foundations to see why the most dangerous utterance a person can make is slang for a woman’s genitalia. Why is ‘The C Word’ so bad? What actually is it? Should anyone say it – and can we reclaim it?

And while we’re speaking of the unspeakable, Jay demystifies ‘The M Word’ – money. Why it’s taboo for women to want it, why we need it, and why we might be afraid to claim it.

Is it just coincidence that these dangerous words are words of great power? Get Shrews in your ears because this episode is breaking boundaries – lock, stock and 3 smoking syllables.


Get Shrews In Your Ears:

Show Notes

At Shrews Untamed we’re for acknowledging the sources we’ve used to bolster an argument and make our discussions better. Thank you to the following sources we’ve used to fact-check, investigate, and back up our claims to make this episode. 

Lauren June

Lacey Filipich

Denise Duffield Thomas

So Crisp Podcast – The Truth About Profit

Stephanie Newman: 3 Feminists On How To Be Responsible With Money

Kathryn V: 7 Most Common Money Fears: How to Overcome Them

Emily Nickerson: 5 Myths We Believe About Women & Money

Amanda Montell: A Cultural History of Feminine Nouns Turned Into Insults

Amanda Montell: Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language

Mina Sundberg: A Language Family Tree In Pictures

Current cunt meaning

Historical cunt meaning: “As a noun it meant vulva, in a neutral sort of way.”

Josephine Livingstone: What’s So Bad About the C-Word?

‘Sex For One’ author Betty Doddson’s take on the word cunt, in the foreword of Inga Muscio’s ‘Cunt: a declaration of independence’: “both of us claim that old Anglo-Saxon noun ‘cunt’, which claims the innate power of the sex organ it names.”

Inga Muscio: Cunt: A Declaration of Independence

Lucy Andrews: Question of the Day: How Do You Feel About the Word ‘Cunt’?

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