I’m the copy chameleon. I mean, if writers had ‘gangster’ names, I’d definitely be The Chameleon. Today’s short blog will change everything you thought you knew about Chameleons. Your mind will blow. I’ll tell you why it’s better to work with writers who are true copy Chameleons, not the ones who only hide in your brand voice.

I’m The Copy Chameleon

Chameleons aren’t quite what people expect. Neither am I.

But before we crack on, we need to look at what makes up a truly great gangster name. There’s the brand-power of Al Capone, but in my opinion, the best gangster names are the ones which describe a well-known characteristic.

Let’s have a look at some great gangster names from history.

🔥Mad Dog Coll: Mobster who came to fame in the 1920s and ’30s for killing a child in a kidnap gone wrong. Cause of death: gangland hit

🔥Machine Gun Kelly: Bootlegger turned gangster in prohibition years. His nickname changed to ‘Pop Gun Kelly’ in notorious Alcatraz, where he didn’t live up to his fearsome reputation and was the model prisoner. Cause of death: heart attack at the Leavenworth prison

🔥Baby Face Nelson: Bank-robber and one-time public enemy number one who was said to have killed more FBI agents than any other criminal. Cause of death: gunshot wounds from a shoot-out known as The Battle of Barrington
The fact is, I’m just not as scary as these guys were. I’ll give you my MO, but first:

Allow me to explode your knowledge of Chameleons

Think Chameleons change their colours to blend in with their surroundings? I bet you do. Don’t feel bad about being wrong on that one, it’s a common misconception. Changing colour to blend in? That’s so not Chameleon style.

Chameleons change their colours to stand out, show who they are, have a fierce, sexy time, and in some small way, wear their little reptilian hearts on their sleeves.


True chameleon writers do more than just blend in

I’m a writer with a strong, must-read style, it’s true. But I’m smart enough to know it’s not all about me. That’s what makes me a special writer, and a true copy chameleon.

True Copy Chameleons Do More Than Blend In

Here’s my gangster writer name, MO and why you should hire me.

🔥The Chameleon: I let the colours of my on-page Tone Of Voice flare while still matching any established brand voice. My words will blend in so completely with your brand voice, your readers won’t know why, all of a sudden, they need to read that blog, why they keep re-reading that email sequence instead of pressing delete to declutter their inbox like they know they should.

The true talent of a  copy chameleon isn’t merely to blend in. The copy chameleon turns words into off-the-page colourful and compulsive reading while staying inside your established TOV, and effortlessly extending your brand story.

If you want an agile, whip-smart writer who’s a true copy chameleon and makes your content shine, I’m only an email away. 

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