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‘Money Day’ – Why It Triggers Me

‘Money Day’ – Why It Triggers Me

It's 'Money Day' in one of my Facebook business groups Don't get me wrong, it's one of my two favourite groups that I regularly contribute to. Unlike some women's business groups, it's a non-toxic environment, and I feel I've grown a little from sharing other women's...

Yes, There’s More to Photo-Ready Food Than Wank

Yes – I’m one of those people. Those people who photograph their food. Yes – I picked the sprig of rosemary for garnish just because I thought it would make the picture look nicer. My rosemary is in full flower, and I was right: it looks lovely. 

I used to think photographing food for social shares was salacious self-interest. (Aka: wankerish.) But now, I see getting my food photo-ready as an expression of love. Yes, love. More illicit still: self-love. 

8 Free Tips to Up Your Blogging Game

Up your blogging game. If blogging tips and inspiration is what you need, 8 is a cool number, and 'free' is your favourite price - then I wrote this just for you. Up Your Blogging Game With 8 Free Tips  Blogs are the authority-giving, expert-positioning,...

Why The Copy Chameleon Is My Gangster Name

Think Chameleons change their colours to blend in with their surroundings? I bet you do. Don’t feel bad about being wrong on that one, it’s a common misconception.

Changing colour to blend in? That’s so not Chameleon style.
Chameleons change their colours to stand out, show who they are, have a fierce, sexy time once a year, and in some small way, wear their little reptilian hearts on their sleeves.

Chameleons know when to blend in
As a writer with a strong, must-read style, I’m smart enough to know it’s not all about me. That’s what makes me a special writer.

Female Imposters -Why Women Really Settle for Less

Female Imposter Syndrome and Its Limiting Effects Ever feel like an imposter in your work role? Despite your evident success or inimitable skills, are you shy about charging your worth, going for a promotion, or even asking for annual leave? Female Imposter Syndrome...

Motherhood Is Not Unemployment

Why We Need To Change Outdated Perceptions of Motherhood and Feminine Nurturing - Now The words raise my ire straight away as I start making a claim for the new child care subsidy: 'Activity test'. Implying my current occupation is in-active. That I'm somehow cooling...

Blame It On the Love

This Is A Love Story

I’m not sure I believe in love at first sight. I do believe in a love so natural that when you find it, you wonder where it’s been. It’s still exciting and fun. It still makes your stomach lurch, makes you dance drunkenly and sing loudly into a hairbrush microphone, feeling drunk despite being perfectly sober. Sometimes it “feels so good it oughta be illegal”.

It makes you stand in the rain and hail, ankle-deep in mud for hours on end. I’ll come back to that part shortly.

Sometimes you just sit quietly with love, letting tears fall, remembering a time before. Love is deep and nurturing. It’s ok with you asking why. Love like that doesn’t always feel new: it just feels right.

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