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Writer. Blurb-Lover. Feminist.

#opinionatedwoman seeks other opinionated women

I know there are other strong, intelligent, outspoken, fun and fiesty women. I want them to find me.

If this sounds like you, I’m so glad you’re here.

The funny thing about me as a copywriter is that I intensely dislike a lot of copy.


The phrase ‘bad copy’ means more than one thing to me.
Badly-written, boring, or beige copy can be fixed with a dash of done-for-you Blurb-ology magic: ta-daa! It’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at doing.

Then there’s the copy which is actually bad for us: bad for our society, and particularly women and girls. I’m not having it. I won’t write it. An opinionated woman I am, and I have a blanket opinion on words that harm.

As a woman, I have a love/hate relationship with the media. The issues which raise my ire and become strong opinion pieces are nothing if not perennial – ever-present, always there. I don’t agree they need to hinge off something in the news, luring people quickly to rage and even quicker to forgetfulness.

I blog about feminist issues because they don’t come and go with the 24-hour news cycle. They affect me, every woman and girl, and yes – every man and boy – constantly.

So I’m being the change in a couple of different ways. That matters to me.

Cups of Coffee

Words Individually Kissed By Blurb-ology Magic

Unconfirmed/Bogus Stats On This Page

I’m Jennifer Zeven

My gangster name (if i was one) would be the ‘chameleon’

Chameleons aren’t what people expect. Neither am I. Think Chameleons change their colours to blend in with their surroundings? I bet you do. Don’t feel bad about being wrong on that one, it’s a common misconception.

Changing colour to blend in? That’s so not Chameleon style. Chameleons change their colours to stand out, show themeselves, have a sexy time once a year, and in some small way, wear their hearts on their reptilian sleeves.

That doesn’t mean us chameleons can’t blend in.  It just means my words are distincitve, yet and still blend in with established brand voices: yep, that’s two opposite things at once. True chameleon writers are special. 


I’ll let the colours of my on-page Tone Of Voice flare without shouting over the top of your established brand voice.

My words will blend in so completely your readers won’t know why, all of a sudden, they need to read that blog, why they keep re-reading that email sequence instead of pressing delete to declutter their inbox like they know they should.


Detests boring, writes words which buck F-pattern scanning patterns; who writes words which stand out for the right reason, while still singing off your song-sheet and extending the brand’s voice and story.

I’m a sucker for hyper-consumable, bingeworthy words.

 Let’s change the world one blog at a time. You can help.

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