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I’m writing the book I wish I had read in those long-ago, lost days of early motherhood.

Nearly 10 years after I felt like I might drown in the silence and creative/intellectual arrest of postnatal depression, I realised words hadn’t deserted me.

They welled up from their resting place and began to pour out like a torrent.

I soon realised I wasn’t writing an article, but a manuscript. 


 Over 50 Thousand Words Ago…

I started out as a copywriter and blogger – that’s how Blurb-ology was born. I was good at it, too.

With the time I had on my hands, I had to choose between writing other people’s words and giving my own writing the time, space, and respect it needs to create something.  Something visceral, vulnerable, strong, and necessary.

Deciding to stop writing copy was the day I became an aspring author, a writer: that title I’d been so reluctant to claim, so repeatedly assured wasn’t ‘real’ work.

I’ve always been a writer.

I see and make sense of the world in stories.

And when it comes to motherhood and womanhood, we’ve been told some whoppers.

I’m almost finished my first draft. There’s a lot of work ahead. But I’m up to the challenge.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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