My Name is Zeven. Jennifer Zeven

(Zeven rhymes with seven)

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Copywriter, Long Copy Lover, and Feminist 


Blurbs are everywhere.  We’re surrounded by them – shh! – act natural, they’re just words. All the same, don’t be fooled.

Words are unlikely to run up and glass you, but they have power.


I have some strong opinions on what makes copy ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and I’m not talking about good and bad writing skill. Maybe you’ve guessed because I’ve already dropped the ‘F-bomb’. No, not that ‘F-bomb’. The other one. I’m a feminist. If you’re thinking ‘Shit, shit, she’s a raving feminazi’, or ‘Can’t we all just be equal?’, we may not be a good match.

I was advised once by another copywriter to axe my vexing feminist opinions from my blog in case it frightened clients away. I resisted. Here’s why:

I know there are other strong, bold, intelligent, fun, feisty and outspoken women, and I want them to find me. I am a woman. As a woman, the issues which raise my ire and become strong opinion pieces are nothing if not perennial – ever-present, always there. I don’t agree they need to hinge off something in the news, luring people quickly to rage and even quicker to forgetfulness.

If you’re an advocate in the feminist space, or want more feminist discourse on your page, have a taste of my opinion pieces:  click here or here. I want more brave, bold, intelligent, fun, and feisty feminst wordsmithy ‘out there’. So I create it.


The Importance of Blurb-ology

I’m a storyteller. Storytelling predates human history.  On a biological level, we’re wired to remember stories, not facts and figures. Let me tell you a story. 

My mum and I have a penchant for a nice bottle of red. A few years ago, we started what I call the Bottle-o Blurb Recital Ritual.  After we’d selected our ‘special’ cheeses we’d slip into the bottle-o, reading back-of-bottle-blurbs to decide which dark beauty to buy.  How was the story of the wine’s flavour told?  Did we fancy the way the brand’s winemaker’s quirk and personality was infused throughout the bottle blurb?  We used to read the ‘stories’ to each other, and the winner – the bottle we’d buy – was the one that told us the best story.  It was often the brand we kept coming back to. That’s the power of a story.

The takeaway:

In this case Mum and I were both actively choosing the best story, and we were ready to buy the wine. Creative, persuasive copy and good storytelling made the difference between the bottles we left of the shelf, and the bottles we’d buy. 

I still base my wine purchases largely on the flavoursome storytelling on the back of the bottle.

What’s My Story

When we meet someone new we think, what’s her story? Chances are you’ve found my About page because you’re wondering just that.  So here it is.

One day I’m happily avoiding domestic chores, as is my ilk.  By the end of that day, I was a copywriter. At a glance, it happened that quickly. In hindsight, the grand design and all that stuff, I have been unwittingly building up to being a copywriter for years.

A friend asked me to edit a blog for her business and think up some taglines.  I said yes. I suddenly became aware of a too-long-unused doorway in my mind.  I pulled back the ivy and debris, and pushed it open:  a bright world of words, creativity and ideas to make it assertive, self-assured – better. I didn’t make it shout, I made it sing. And I made it sound more like her.

I took her blurb apart and built a better blurb. I wrote persuasively.

I ditched the timid tone of voice in her existing copy and breathed life into it by injecting it with her voice. Intelligent, fun, confident, capable – because that’s how she speaks, that’s who she is.

Now her copy is a true reflection of her.

My friend asked me why I wasn’t using putting my skills to good use. 2018 was the Year of Being Me (and kicking arse while I do it), so I said yes.  Yes let’s do this. And I’ve been ‘doing this’ since then.


What’s Your Story? Say Goodbye Boring, Useless Copy 

You’re here because you know – or at least suspect – your brand’s voice needs a bit of a change up. You know you’re brave, you’re sick of the boredom of sounding ‘nice’ and homogenous and like everyone else. Losing the fear of being yourself distinguishes the your brand from the ‘meh’ and takes you to the ‘oh wow!’ status. It’s hard to write your own story – heck, it’s hard to write in your own voice. That’s where I come in.


If you think your blurbs could work harder, entertain more, and reflect your dynamic personality better, don’t hesitate: it means you’re ready to get brave. Let’s start a conversation about how I can flex my big brave blurb-building muscles for you.  That way I can do what I do best, and you can get back to doing what you do best. Or simply free up some time to ‘do a Jen’ and avoid some chores.

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If you just want to keep reading, I love that. Read on, you word-loving reader.

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