Up your blogging game. If blogging tips and inspiration is what you need, 8 is a cool number, and ‘free’ is your favourite price – then I wrote this just for you.

Up Your Blogging Game With 8 Free Tips 

Blogs are the authority-giving, expert-positioning, brand-story-telling piece of soft marketing you need in your business and your life. No matter the platform, blogs are ideal to share your quirks, your values, and why you’re the go-to person for, well, whatever your thing is.

Are you a speaker? You should blog. An author? Blog. A business bad-arse? Blog, mother lady, just blog.

If you’re not feeling creative, not a natural writer, or sitting there staring at your blank screen thinking something like ‘this is shit’/’I can’t write’/’I have nothing to say’/or ‘Maybe I should do the ironing instead’, this is for you. (Also: No one needs to do ironing instead of writing – no one, dammit.) 

It’s my mission at Blurb-ology Head Quarters to change the internet for the better, one blog at a time. It’s easy to up your blogging game, and I’m about to show you how.

Quick Blogging Facts:

  • Backlinko says short blogs (up to about 2K words) are great for social shares and brand awareness, and
  • Long form blogs (2 – 3K upwards) are the cat’s pyjamas for Google-bot-attraction and true web authority: you know it, that’s SEO jargon for people loving your stuff and thinking you know your stuff.


But you know what? Even if your website is SEO’d up to its eyeballs, if your blogs aren’t engaging, addictive and hyper-consumable, no one’s reading them. Which is why blogging can be time-consuming and difficult.

I’ve made a little list to help you, and all it will cost you is a couple of minutes of your time.

Here’s How to Up Your Blogging Game 

1. Stuck for ideas? Search your own social media posts

Use your personal page and any business groups you’re in. You’ll be surprised how often you’re already creating content which is witty/clever/vulnerable/helpful/entertaining (aka high-value content). Cut, paste edit/restructure and re-purpose that puppy. I’m doing it right now.

2. Show the real you

That’s your point of difference. You can control how much personal stuff you use. Eg. you can blog about preferring to clean your cat’s kitty litter box than do that job you’re avoiding; about your tantruming child; that cool thing you learnt; your imperfect life. Trust me, it’ll resonate.

3. People want to feel

It’s easy to forget we’re all just humans, and we feel human things. Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Regret. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability – people respond to it (also it’s a great self-weeder). So don’t think it has to be all business all the time. We’re craving connection more and more in these troubled times.


4. Brainstorm, plan, and schedule ideas

I’m a classic non-planner from way back, but I have to say it: upping your blogging game has a lot to do with planning strategic content. Hold up – that’s not as scary as it sounds.

Sit down and brainstorm some content your prospects think is high value – actually knowing your client base is a bit of a given, so if you don’t know who you’re writing for, take a step back and get it sorted. If you know who it is: stuff like tips and tricks (hello – like this blog), sharing news about your product, or even a big fat personal share with a relatable narrative or lesson which is transferrable to your business life. You really can be free in your blogging topics. Eg. I got sick of writing only “copywriter blogs” so I wrote a blog about why I blog off brand.

Once you’ve got a few topics, plan them out and you’ve got yourself a rough content strategy you can stick to for scheduling.

5. Here’s the fussy part: Edit the word-vomit

I’m all for abandoning all conventions, even (gasp) grammar and punctuation to get the thing done. In fact, I recommend that approach. HOWEVER. Even in a long blog, try and make sure the text is tight, not rambly before you hit publish. Take out extra words we all throw in there but don’t need like: “Just”, “that”, and “the”. Hire a proof-reader or editor, or, read this blog for some tips on how to proof and edit your stuff with success.

6. DIY with the guiding hand of an expert

A lot of copywriters have mini-courses which are wallet-friendly and effective. I recommend this one copy queen and biz bestie Jay Crisp Crow offers.

7. Outsource – to a GOOD blogger

If you’re not a natural writer, don’t have time, and can afford it, make the investment and find a good blogger. Good bloggers will have a super-engaging style that makes you want to read every single gosh-darn word. Good bloggers charge more than run-of-the-mill bloggers: we’re not the same as a blogger who decides to charge less. We’re not always available straight away, but we’re worth the wait.

My blogs include: My writing style – smart, agile Tone of Voice – engaging words which buck online F-pattern scanning trends; 1 round of free edits, where I give you10 days to let out your inner editor to make changes; seeded Calls to Action to direct your reader, and they’re written with SEO smarts, all the better for people to find you. I include a free 1-month blog health check to see if any puckers need ironing out.

8. No time, money, or f*cks to give about blogging: don’t do it

Sure, you can go to Fiverr, Upwork etc and pay someone an exploitative rate (I’ve heard about someone being offered $5 for 400 words). But know this: the quality isn’t good. If you’re thinking of doing that, you may as well write your own blog – try giving yourself an easily achievable goal of 250 words twice a week.

If you’re not ready to up your blogging game by investing in a blogger or have a good go at DIY, then wait. You’ll come around:  blogging is the slow-dance of soft marketing you need in your business and your life.

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