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Yep – that’s Blog with a capital ‘B’. Did you know Backlinko analysed 912 MILLION (!) blogs? They confirmed what I already know: blogging for businesses is a valuable marketing platform that’s here to stay.  Here’s what they found:

Short Blogs are Sharable – highly sharable, actually. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, because brand awareness and engagement is something you need.

Long Blogs Live On – loved by Google (I’m talking SEO y’all), Long Blogs are the format-building, brand-story-telling, expert positioning content you need as part of your marketing strategy. Blogs let your website surfers become ‘likers’; the likers become ‘lovers’, and the lovers are ready to consummate. (I mean, they’ll share your stuff. They’ll buy your stuff. You knew that, right?)

Lucky you landed here. Because I’m really good at blogging. I write brilliant F-pattern-trend-bucking blogs kissed by Blurb-ology magic. And I want to write them for you too.

I Write Strong Opinions and Engaging, Intelligent Articles

My articles and opinions expose, explain, and question cultural consciousness.

 I believe there’s power in sharing life experiences, both painful and joyful.

Our recent history has shown the impact women’s voices can achieve when raised together, calling out those who abuse their power. From advertiser’s images and words, the gendered biases which influence public policies, to sensationalised media tropes lifted straight from the pages of ancient myth – my words are my vehicle to continue questioning attitudes, social norms and taboos, digging down through the dust and ashes of our cultural history to show how deep the roots are.

I’m the mother to three children and write in the feminist and parenting space. A self-confessed history and English nut, I have a nerdish love-affair with the English language’s linguistic quirks.

I’m a contributor to How Dare She, and So Crisp Podcast.


Life is too short – when it comes to writing, I focus on my strengths:

Jay-Crisp-Crow-feels-she-needs-to-up-writing-game-after-reading-Blurbologys-blogReading Jennifer’s blogs makes me feel like I need to up my writing game.

Jay Crisp Crow, Crisp Copy 


Taryn-Brumfit-testimonial-Blurb-ology-CopywritingHow lucky are we to have met you Jennifer – clever, sharp and just gets it. Bravo and Thanks.

Taryn Brumfitt, Body Image Movement 

Inspired-Office-recommends-Blurb-ologyJennifer gave my email sequence a hard edit and turned my information into copy that was fun.

As soon as the changes went live I started getting responses for my Disaster Day Planner!        

                                                        Mikala Grosse, Inspired Office

I know you

Bold; opinionated; funny; intelligent. You read, and you love it – you’re too busy to blog or you know you’re better off to focus your energies on your strength areas.

You’re at the table and you’re ready to invest in a blogger who writes content mixed with copywriting principles. I have the words to turn the story of your brand into a delicious, heady cocktail your readers can’t resist:

I call it Blurb-ology.

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