Blurbs For Brave Businesswomen

Life is too short – I only do what I’m good at:

Beautiful Bingeworthy Blogs

♥ Rock your brand story, show who you are, give information, and always – entertain

Strong Supported Opinions Pieces

♥ State your case or show your support for a cause which compliments your biz values

I know you.

You want something special on your page. You need something which showcases all the vivid colours of your personality AND your core business values. You Crave Brave Creative Copy and Content. Words which are all the things you are. Bold; opinionated; funny; intelligent. You know your stuff. You’re at the table already, having conversations which are effective, engaging and entertaining. It’s my job to tune into your zest, liveliness, and drive. I mix  your winning personality with your business ethos, and help turn the story of your brand into a delicious, heady cocktail your readers can’t resist: I call it Blurb-ology.

Lucky we found each other

Let me turn your tired text into cracking copy and brilliant blogs which go to work for you

Say ‘Yes’ to Blurb-ology Copywriting

You’re ready to say “bollocks” to boring – I love that about you